XIX International Workshop on Low-Energy Positron and Positronium Physics
XX International Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms
22 - 24 JULY 2017
Amaroo On Mandalay Resort, Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia


The conference will commence with a reception and "Welcome to Country" at 6.30pm on Friday 21st, July. Scientific session will be held over the next three days, with an excursion on Sunday afternoon.

The final conference schedule is now available.

The conference dinner will be held at the Peppers Blue on Blue resort, on Monday evening.

A wide variety of recreational activities are available on Magnetic Island, visit Magnetic Island Tourism for some ideas.

Plenary Speakers

  • Oddur Ingolfson - Low energy electrons in nanotechnology
  • Murtadha Khakoo - Differential electron scattering from molecules - diatomic and polyatomic molecules
  • Yasuyuki Nagashima - Ps- beams and photodetachment spectroscopy
  • Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn and Simon Ellis - Signatures of leptonium from astrophysical sources
  • Mike Charlton - Closing in on the properties of Antihydrogen

Invited speakers


  • Bill McCurdy - Dissociative Electron Attachment: Electron-Driven Chemistry and Nonadiabatic Transitions between Metastable States
  • Dragana Maric - Elementary processes and modeling of discharges in vapors of liquids
  • Joan Dreiling - Chiral selectivity in electron-molecule interactions
  • Ann Orel - Theoretical studies of charge recombination processes
  • Andreas Wolf - Low-energy electron collisions of molecular ions: new opportunities in a cryogenic storage ring
  • Sasa Dujko - Elementary physical processes of electrons and positrons in planetary atmospheric discharges
  • Danny Cocks - The differences between liquids and gases: multiple scattering, localisation and the quasi-free state
  • Krishnendu Gope - DEA dynamics of Ozone & OClO
  • Chris Greene - Challenges and progress in dissociative recombination frame transformation theory
  • Rafael Neves - Electron scattering by phenol and furfural: experimental measurements of the cross sections
  • Reika Kanya - Light-dressing effect in atoms and molecules in laser-assisted elastic electron scattering
  • Stefan Matejcik - Electron impact excitation and dissociative excitation processes to molecules
  • Steven Guberman - Recent Developments in the Theory of Dissociative Recombination
  • Dmitry Fursa - Convergent cross sections of electron impact excitation and dissociation of molecular hydrogen and its isotopologues
  • Martin Cizek - Nonlocal model calculations in inelastic electron-molecule scattering - current progress
  • Jimena Gorfinkiel - Core-excited resonances in biological molecules
  • Kohki Satoh - Electron transport in fluorocarbon gases
  • Filipe Ferreira da Silva - Amino acids' side chain effects in reactions upon electron transfer in potassium collisions


  • Adam Deller - Guiding Rydberg-Stark states of positronium with electric fields
  • Adric Jones - Electrostatic focusing of a beam of Rydberg Ps atoms
  • Rina Kadokura - Positron and electron scattering in a field-free interaction region
  • T. Babij - Positron ionisation and differential cross sections for the noble gases
  • Brian O‚ÄôRourke - The AIST accelerator based slow positron facility: recent results and future plans
  • Dermot Green - Many-body theory of positronium-atom scattering and pickoff annihilation
  • Eric Voutier - Polarized positron production at MeV energies
  • Charles Clark - Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates of positronium
  • Jesus Perez-Rios - The role of neutrinos in atomic physics: exotic decay channels in positronium, and the two-photon decay channel in dipositronium
  • Joel Fajans - Electron plasmas cooled by cyclotron cavity resonances
  • Eve Stenson - Discoveries and advances en route to electron-positron pair plasmas
  • Vladimir Dzuba - Periodic table for the positron-atom bound states and resonances
  • Gianluca Sarri - Generation and application of high-quality and ultra-short positron beams from laser-plasma interactions
  • James Danielson - Vibrational Feshbach Resonances Mediated by Non-Dipole Positron-Molecule Interactions
  • Yukiumi Kita - First-principles study on the binding of a positron to polyatomic molecules
  • Paul-Antoine Hervieux - Positron and Positronium Physics at GBAR: theoretical studies
  • Greg Boyle - Positron scattering and transport in dense gases and simple liquids