XIX International Workshop on Low-Energy Positron and Positronium Physics
XX International Symposium on Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms
22 - 24 JULY 2017
Amaroo On Mandalay Resort, Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia


The conference will commence with a reception and “Welcome to Country” at 6.30pm on Friday 21st, July. Scientific session will be held over the next three days, with an excursion on Sunday afternoon.

A draft conference schedule is available.

The conference dinner will be held at the Peppers Blue on Blue resort, on Monday evening.

A wide variety of recreational activities are available on Magnetic Island, visit Magnetic Island Tourism for some ideas.

Plenary Speakers

  • Oddur Ingolfson - Low energy electrons in nanotechnology
  • Murtadha Khakoo - Differential electron scattering from molecules - diatomic and polyatomic molecules
  • Yasuyuki Nagashima - Ps- beams and photodetachment spectroscopy
  • Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn - Signatures of leptonium from astrophysical sources
  • Mike Charlton - Antihydrogen formation

Invited speakers


  • Bill McCurdy - Dissociative Electron Attachment: Electron-Driven Chemistry and Nonadiabatic Transitions between Metastable States
  • Dragana Maric - Elementary processes and modeling of discharges in vapors of liquids
  • Joan Dreiling - Chiral Selectivity in the Dissociative Electron Attachment of Halocamphor Molecules
  • Ann Orel - Theoretical studies of charge recombination processes
  • Andreas Wolf - Low-energy electron collisions of molecular ions: new opportunities in a cryogenic storage ring
  • Sasa Dujko - TBA
  • Danny Cocks - The differences between liquids and gases: multiple scattering, localisation and the quasi-free state
  • Krishnendu Gope - DEA dynamics of Ozone & OClO
  • Chris Greene - Challenges and progress in dissociative recombination frame transformation theory
  • Rafael Neves - Electron scattering by phenol and furfural: experimental measurements of the cross sections
  • Reika Kanya - Light-dressing effect in atoms and molecules in laser-assisted elastic electron scattering
  • Stefan Matejcik - Electron impact excitation and dissociative excitation processes to molecules
  • Steven Guberman - Recent Developments in the Theory of Dissociative Recombination
  • Dmitry Fursa - Convergent cross sections of electron impact excitation and dissociation of molecular hydrogen and its isotopologues
  • Martin Cizek - Nonlocal model calculations in inelastic electron-molecule scattering - current progress
  • Jimena Gorfinkiel - Core-excited resonances in biological molecules
  • Kohki Satoh - Electron transport in perfluoro compounds gases
  • Filipe Ferreira da Silva - Amino acids' side chain effects in reactions upon electron transfer in potassium collisions


  • Adam Deller - Guiding Rydberg-Stark states of positronium with electric fields
  • Adric Jones - Electrostatic focusing of a beam of Rydberg Ps atoms
  • Rina Kadokura - Positron, electron and positronium interactions with polar molecules
  • T. Babij - Positron ionisation and differential cross sections for the noble gases
  • Brian O’Rourke - The AIST accelerator based slow positron facility: recent results and future plans
  • Dermot Green - Many-body theory of Ps interactions with noble-gas atoms
  • Eric Voutier - Polarized positron production at MeV energies
  • Charles Clark - Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates of positronium
  • Jesus Perez-Rios - The role of neutrinos in atomic physics: exotic decay channels in positronium, and the two-photon decay channel in dipositronium
  • Joel Fajans - Electron plasmas cooled by cyclotron cavity resonances
  • Eve Stenson - Discoveries and advances en route to electron-positron pair plasmas
  • Victor Flambaum - Periodic table for the positron-atom bound states and resonances
  • Gianluca Sarri - TBA
  • James Danielson - TBA
  • Yukiumi Kita - TBA
  • Paul-Antoine Hervieux - Positron and Positronium Physics at GBAR: theoretical studies